Which Hardwood Floors Work Best With Light Hardwood Cabinets?

For a very long time, lightly colored hardwoods were the most popular for floors, cabinets, and furniture. Recently, dark hardwoods and bold stains have become very popular. However, a light colored wood is still popular, especially for kitchen cabinets. There are a couple of ways to achieve a light color; you could pick a wood such as white oak that is naturally very light. You can also stain or paint your hardwood cabinets a light color. If you’ve got hardwood cabinets that you like, you might want to pair your floor to match them. So, which hardwood floors work best with light hardwood cabinets?

Yellowish Woods

A yellowish hickory is a great choice for a hardwood floor because it will match lightly colored cabinets very well. It is perfect if you have a warm color on your light cabinets. Yellow is a fairly warm color, which is why it pairs well with other warm colors. Other warm colors could be red, yellow, orange or something along those lines. Those colors generally are somewhat dark but they can work very well in light colors. Pair a light colored yellowish hickory with light colored cabinets for a very bright and open look.

White-Washed Wood

White washing was once very popular but has since become less prominent; however, it is still found in some very exciting applications. There are several different types of white wash. The original white wash is a lime suspension in water; it was less expensive than paint but still protected against rot. You can still buy hardwood floors that are lime washed to get the washed-out, grayish look. That look will pair very well with light cabinets as well. There are some more modern stains that will give you the same look without requiring you to apply the wash every few years. That’s probably the best option for someone who wants a professional, low-maintenance job.

Gray Hardwood

Gray hardwoods are having a bit of a moment in terms of trends. There are a few hardwoods that are naturally gray but typically, they are stained gray. They can also be painted as well. Gray is great for matching with light cabinets because there are so many shades of gray. A light gray will blend well with the cabinets to create a very open look. Dark gray will contrast against the cabinets and make them stand out.

Any of these will pair very well with your lightly-colored cabinets.