Selecting Flooring for New Construction

Choosing the different finishes for your new construction project is an exciting process. There are a lot of choices for flooring and each with its own benefits and limitations. Starting from scratch with a new construction flooring project can be overwhelming especially when you look at all the different flooring types on the market. When you are starting to select flooring you will want to think about the furnishings and feel of your home to ensure the flooring will fit your style.

Stone flooring is a popular flooring type and can be a great option for some homeowners. Stone flooring can be sandstone, marble, limestone or other flooring types. Stone flooring is easy to maintain, helps keep allergies at bay, and can last for years to come. Stone just needs to be swept and occasionally mopped.

Hardwood is another popular flooring type and comes in a lot of different varieties. There is solid hardwood as well as engineered hardwood. These are both classic options that are warm and inviting while still being durable. Hardwood really adds a level of luxury to any more. Hardwood comes in a variety of plank sizes and lengths to change the character of the space. Hardwood is susceptible to damage and dropping heavy items, sliding furniture and some everyday usage can lead to dents and scratching.

Laminate is another flooring choice that is wallet friendly and can look like wood, stone or brick flooring. There are a lot of different styles, colors and patterns available and laminate is good for resisting dents, scratches and staining. Laminate can warm and discolor if liquid is spilt on them.

Tile is another great flooring choice and works best in specific rooms of your home like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. There are tons of colors, sizes, styles and faux finishes available within the tile flooring family. You can even choose tile flooring that looks like wood or stone. Tile is a great option because it is easy to clean, durable and versatile.

Carpet is also a great choice depending on the room you are putting flooring in and what style you are wanting. Good quality carpet can last for a long time and is warm and inviting. Carpet can work well in hallways, in bedrooms and bonus rooms. Carpet does require some upkeep to keep it clean and length its life.

The flooring you choose for your home will vary based on what your needs are. Homes with small children may want more durable flooring and carpet in the family room for playing while a family with pets pay want all hard flooring to eliminate allergens. Your contractor and designer can help you with style and design choices for flooring but the type of flooring is really an individual choice.

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