Never Do These Things to Your Hardwood Floor

When properly maintained, a hardwood floor is very resilient. The hardwoods used for the flooring are very hard, and the finishes protect them even further. However, some things acn still damage your wood flooring. Other things make it more susceptible to damage. For example, anything that degrades teh polyurethane or oil coating on the floor will increase the chances of damage to your floor.

Never Use an Abrasive Cleaner

Some cleaners that you can buy, especially ones designed for scrubbing the bathroom, tend to come with abrasive elements. The cleaner itself could be a powder, or it just might contain scrubbing elements. Either way, those elements are designed for materials harder than hardwood such as porcelain. If you use an abrasive cleaner on your floor, you could scratch the finish on the floor. In some cases, you could even scratch the hardwood itself.

Never Use Harsh Chemicals

Certain chemicals that you use on your hardwood floor could be too harsh for the coating on your floor. Most floors are coated in either polyurethane or oil. The polyurethane or oil serves to protect the wood itself. If you use a harsh chemical that eats away at the oil or polyurethane, it could expose the wood tod amage. Furthermore, you should void even mild chemicals that will interact negatively with your floor.

For example, dish soap is designed to cut through oil. If you have an oiled floor, dish soap will remove the protective layer even though it’s a relatively mild chemical.

Never Pour Chemicals Directly on the Floor

When you’re cleaning your hardwood floor, it can be tempting to just pour the cleaning chemicals on the floor and then spread them around with a mop or brush. However, that could create problems similar to pouring water directly on the floor. If the chemical seeps between the planks of wood, it can cause moisture to be trapped in the flooring. That can lead to mold, mildew, and warping. Instead, apply the chemical to your cleaning apparatus, and then spread it around.

Never Use Scratching Brushes

Some brushes designed for cleaning dishes or the bathroom could actually be too harsh for your wooden floor. A wire brush, for example, can be used to clean porcelain but it will scratch hardwood. A good layer of polyurethane or oil should protect the hardwood floor. If you need to scrub it to get it clean, you need to make sure you clean more often and/or reapply your finish.