Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We Are Your Hardwood Flooring Experts

Refinishing your hardwood flooring can give it an entirely new look. You may refinish and transform your floor back to its original state or add a new stain or finish to give it an entirely new look. We utilize the NWFA sanding schedule and process to refinish your floor properly and beautifully. We have experience and training to help us provide you with the highest quality finished product possible. We also utilize the best equipment and products to ensure a durable, well done projects. The finishes we use help to improve the overall look as well as the durability. With our process and finish you will be enjoy your floor for years to come.

Dust COntainment

Dust is big customer concern and for very good reason. Dust is intrusive and irritating but we have the right equipment to make dust a concern of the past. We have a great vacuum system to help keep dust to a minimum and have trained our employees to utilize the vacuum system with all of our equipment. The vacuum system we use is a 3hp motor. The dust is quickly sunctioned away from your home into the trainer to be bagged and removed. The dustless system is truly a must when working in homes.

Green Finishes

Like all industries hardwood flooring has advanced over the last 20 years. One of the biggest areas of improvement is with the finish selections. Water-based finishes are more durable, have fewer drawback and create a beautiful finished look. Water-based finishes can also be U.V. cured, these are a great option for cutting down on curing time and improving durability. V.O.C.s are a big concern and for good reason, they can be harmful to your health. Some flooring finishes can gas off for 60 days, water-based and UV finishes typically gas off for 2-36 hours. These finishes can last 5-8 years before needing a refinish.

What to Expect

Hardwood flooring is resilient but not wear proof. It can withstand a lot of abuse before it needs to be resanded. The resanding process will transform your floor back to its original state in just a few hours.

Changes you will see-

  • Minor scratching removed
  • Most major scratches removed
  • Sheen is refreshed and even
  • Cracks Filled
  • Dirt, germs and grime gone
  • Pet stains can be removed but not guaranteed
  • Floor will be smooth and look new
  • Maintenance free for 5-8 years

What to expect from our Employees-

  • Respectful
  • Timely
  • Clean
  • Available to answer questions and concerns
  • Attentive to specific requests or needs
  • Background checked

Our Vacuum Systems

We have the best dust containment system on the market because we understand this if a big concern for our customers. We know that spending hours clean dust from your home is not how you want to remember having your floor refinished. We utilize a vacuum system which quickly removes any sanding dust from your home. We are proud to offer our customers a 95% dust free process.